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Buy a Home and Renovate It with one loan. The HUD 203(k) Program is great purchase plus loan program.

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Buy A Home And Renovate It With One Loan Product


Acquired Home Services Inc. provides HUD 203(k) and other renovation loan inspection services in VA, MD and DC.

Purchase PLUS loans like the HUD 203(k) program allow a client to purchase a home and renovate it with one mortgage. These programs can be used for minor updating or for a complete renovation of a distressed home.

Many people are utilizing the HUD 203(k) Program today to purchase distressed foreclosures which cannot be purchased with a regular loan due to the condition of the home. The HUD 203(k) allows for a buyer to purchase these distressed foreclosures and renovate them after purchase.

Most purchase plus loans require an approved consultant to inspect the property and produce a scope of work and cost estimate. This inspection report is used by the mortgage company to verify renovation costs when setting up the loan.

Contact Acquired Home Services Inc. to discuss these programs or to hire an approved HUD 203(k) Consultant, Inspector.

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 VA, MD and DC

Use the HUD 203(k) Program for minor home updates or for buying a home in distress.

Buy A Home And Renovate With One Loan